Lil’ Fits™

Program Focus

Lil’ Fits targets classroom readiness, early literacy and numeracy skills, basic handwriting and fine motor skills, logic, and language.

Student Focus

Ideal for students:

  • between the ages of 3 and 6
  • who may benefit from additional preparation before commencing schooling

Outcome Focus

Lil’ Fits aims to produce young students who are prepared to commence classroom learning. Core reading, writing and numeracy abilities are improved, accelerating early learners’ cognitive skills.

Our Learning Coaches:

Our Learning Coaches have extensive training in the principles of learning science and the unique application of these principles that are the hallmark of our instructional approach. Each Learning Coach is individually trained by me, along with other Senior Learning Coaches, until they reach an established level of proficiency in the implementation of the Fit Learning Method of instruction. The same methods that are used to transform the learning abilities of our students are also used in the training of our Learning Coaches. As a result, our Coaches achieve exemplary instructional skills, which empower them to create the dynamic, exciting, and rewarding learning experiences that fundamentally transform our students’ academic aptitudes and overall cognitive abilities.

Parent Reviews

We have been participating at Fit Learning for over 15 months and for us it has been a game changer for our child.

We watched our daughters confidence go backwards with conventional schooling.  We had to watch her believe that she was a failure.. at 5.  We saw her not want to go to school, not want to read anything and not want to even want to learn. School was not fun, it was hard for her. Why?

School had left her behind … at 5 years old.

By term 1, year 1, we had had enough with school telling us that she would catch up.  We knew that if we did not make a 180-degree change then she would end up with a label at school, no confidence and aware that she was not coping but with no language to explain to us what she did not understand.

Home life was miserable, school was miserable, our little girl was miserable.

Enter Fit Learning with its team of wonderful coaches that got our daughters confidence back, got her laughter back and more importantly gave her a love of learning.  After a year of intensive hard work from both the coaches and our daughter she has returned back to mainstream school and is learning on her own.

Fit Learning has given her the foundation that school did not.  I dread to think at year 2, where she would be in the classroom without this work she has put in.  It is wonderful to see her in bed at night with a chapter book reading out-loud or writing a story for her school friends and most importantly find the correct words to tell me about her day or her worries and let me help fix them.

Fit Learning is a one-stop shop for teaching, mentoring and inspiring children and their parents.

– Peta Coghlan