Fit Writing™

Program Focus

What is in this program

Fit Writing trains grades 3 – 12 to fluency in Grammar, Sentence & Paragraph Construction, Brainstorming, Organisation, & Genre Writing.

Student Focus

Who is Ideal for this Program

Ideal for students grades 3 – 12 who struggle with expressive and persuasive writing.

Parent Reviews

Fit Learning has changed the way my 7-year-old daughter learns, communicates and listens to me and can concentrate and pay attention even in very noisy and distracting environments.  She is the most highly attentive child where ever I take her.  As a result, she can learn concepts like I never imagined she could. 

Her developmental paediatrician cannot believe how her learning has been transformed and as a result, she is a delightful, social and extremely happy girl.

– Donna Lopez, Mosman Park