About Fit Learning™

We are a highly specialised program and the Australian affiliate of Fit Learning™ US (www.fitlearners.com) that provides unparalleled services to every kind of student. A website cannot fully capture the uniqueness of our approach and the quality of services we provide. After browsing the website for general information, we strongly encourage you to contact us such that we can have a personal conversation with you about your child.

Our Learning Coaches have extensive training in the principles of learning science and the unique application of these principles that are the hallmark of our instructional approach. Each Learning Coach is individually trained by me, along with other Senior Learning Coaches, until they reach an established level of proficiency in the implementation of the Fit Learning™ Method of instruction. The same methods that are used to transform the learning abilities of our students are also used in the training of our Learning Coaches. As a result, our Coaches achieve exemplary instructional skills, which empower them to create the dynamic, exciting, and rewarding learning experiences that fundamentally transform our students’ academic aptitudes and overall cognitive abilities.

Fit Learning™ Mission

At Fit Learning™, our primary mission is to rapidly accelerate the learning gains of every student who walks through our doors – regardless of age, ability or challenge. We are committed to producing learners who are proficient, confident, focused, fluent, agile, happy, independent, vital and joyful. To achieve our mission, we will act as scientist-practitioners in our application of behavioural science, evidenced-based instruction, and precise, objective measurement systems. We will continually evaluate our effectiveness and never stop improving our methods. We will provide unparalleled customer service to our families and unparalleled training to our staff. We will create a culture of warmth, support, open dialogue, love, contribution, and possibility within our organisation and our community.

Fit Learning™ Methodology

Fit Learning™ is an affiliate of Fit Learning™ of New York (see www.fitlearners.com). The Fit Learning™ Method isolates core reading, comprehension, math, writing, and thinking skills, and trains students to fluency – rapid processing speed and a measure of true mastery or proficiency.

Moving your child to fluency in these critical targets results in improved memory, heightened confidence, increased resistance to distractions and fatigue, and the ability to quickly and effortlessly learn new things. Our method is a unique combination of applied behaviour analysis, precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement and relational frame theory.

The lack of a proven method (backed by science) is why a lot of students fail to see real and measurable results when working with stock standard tutoring agencies – conversely, it (the Fit Learning™ Method) is the reason Fit Learning™ students see such rapid and lasting results.

Utilising an evidence-based approach, our results with children who struggle with delayed learning, dyslexia or any other learning difficulty are incomparable.

Fit Learning™ is the only program in Perth, and Australia that combines all of these methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach.

The result?

A profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1 to 2 years’ growth in 40 to 50 hours of instruction.


After the first term of Year 11 this year at his boys’ only private school, my son, whom I believed was happy and doing well according to his results, confided in me that he was feeling overwhelmed with the workload he faced. He feared he was not equipped to manage the quantity of new material and concepts he had to learn. Being aware of the Fit Learning Homework Group, I booked my son in for an initial assessment to identify barriers to him being able to effectively manage his time and succeed in year 11.

The program commenced twice-weekly and within a month, my son had regained his confidence, happiness and purpose and was becoming organized not only with his school work but with other aspects of his life. His relationships were improving, especially with me, even though I thought it was good to start with. Also, importantly, his grades started to improve, as did the quality of his work, the feedback from his teachers and his marks. He was no longer stressed about how he would cope and was able to better manage his extra-curricular activities as well as his school work.

What also transpired very quickly and that was never known to me prior, was that my son had somehow fallen grade levels behind in mathematics and reading fluency and comprehension. This was also a significant contributor to his stress surrounding Year 11 and the leadup to Year 12. The results of Fit’s assessment were alarming to say the least. That his school had not identified it was concerning.
Mandy Mason subsequently intervened and she continues to work with me and the School to develop and implement a remedial program, which she oversees and assesses to measurably address the deficiencies in these vital areas, including time-management, improving attention and work allocation.

The Homework Group has been an invaluable resource for my son in so many ways beyond organisational skills. His participation also identified serious problems that could have significantly impacted him if Fit Learning had not identified and addressed them. They have done so with care, compassion and a true desire to benefit him on so many levels.

I am extremely impressed by the programs at Fit, and by the dedication and capability of Mandy Mason and the calibre and character of her Learning Coaches.