Fit Learning Internships

Fit Learning Perth offers Internships to potential candidates with backgrounds in natural sciences to train to become Fit Learning Coaches. This is an extraordinary opportunity for young passionate students or graduates looking to become obsessed with measurement and precision in teaching, and to work with a dynamic team of people committed to transformational learning outcomes for the students they work with. The Fit Learning team are based in our learning laboratories in Claremont and Cottesloe. Fit Learning Coaches are extensively trained in the principles of learning science and the unique application of these principles that is the hallmark of our instructional approach.  Each Learning Coach is individually trained by one of the Directors, along with other Senior Learning Coaches, until they reach an established level of proficiency in the implementation of the Fit Learning Method.  The same methods that are used to transform the learning abilities of our students are also used in the training of our Learning Coaches.  As a result, our Coaches achieve exemplary instructional skills, which empower them to create the dynamic, exciting, and rewarding learning experiences that fundamentally transform our students’ academic aptitudes and overall cognitive abilities. 

To learn more about the internship or to apply, email: