Fit Homework Group

Program Focus

Fit Homework Group targets time management, task planning and study techniques. Through study, students are able to enhance their understanding of key concepts within subject areas, and effectively prepare for exams and tests.

Student Focus

Ideal for students:

  • who want to learn to be effective, self-motivated studies
  • who struggle with motivation, organisation or time management in their studies
  • who would benefit from assistance in fulfilling their academic and personal goals

Parent Reviews

After the first term of Year 11 this year at his boys’ only private school, my son, whom I believed was happy and doing well according to his results, confided in me that he was feeling overwhelmed with the workload he faced. He feared he was not equipped to manage the quantity of new material and concepts he had to learn. Being aware of the Fit Learning Homework Group, I booked my son in for an initial assessment to identify barriers to him being able to effectively manage his time and succeed in year 11.

The program commenced twice-weekly and within a month, my son had regained his confidence, happiness and purpose and was becoming organized not only with his school work but with other aspects of his life. His relationships were improving, especially with me, even though I thought it was good to start with. Also, importantly, his grades started to improve, as did the quality of his work, the feedback from his teachers and his marks. He was no longer stressed about how he would cope and was able to better manage his extra- curricular activities as well as his school work.