Our son had been struggling with Reading and Maths in Primary school and as time went by, he was progressively falling further behind. This was taking a considerable toll on his confidence and happiness. We decided that he needed some support to help bridge the gaps. Fortunately for us, our search for a suitable program, brought us into contact with the Fit Learning Clinic.

We were immediately impressed with their enthusiasm, and dedication. They took time to fully assess and understand his needs and establish a baseline to gauge his progress against. They then tailored a program to suit his needs. His progress through the program was governed by his mastery of each new skill and was tracked with each visit.

Dan thoroughly enjoyed his time at Fit Learning and found it both challenging and fun. The gains Dan made academically have meant he was able to transition to high school a happy and confident student. I don’t believe there is any other tutoring program that would have produced the same results as we achieved with Fit Learning. Thank you, Mandy Mason and all of the Coaches that worked so hard with Dan.

Amanda D, Parent

“After the first term of Year 11 this year at his boys’ only private school, my son, whom I believed was happy and doing well according to his results, confided in me that he was feeling overwhelmed with the workload he faced. He feared he was not equipped to manage the quantity of new material and concepts he had to learn. Being aware of the Fit Learning Homework Group, I booked my son in for an initial assessment to identify barriers to him being able to effectively manage his time and succeed in year 11.

The program commenced twice-weekly and within a month, my son had regained his confidence, happiness and purpose and was becoming organized not only with his school work but with other aspects of his life. His relationships were improving, especially with me, even though I thought it was good to start with. Also, importantly, his grades started to improve, as did the quality of his work, the feedback from his teachers and his marks. He was no longer stressed about how he would cope and was able to better manage his extra-curricular activities as well as his school work.

What also transpired very quickly and that was never known to me prior, was that my son had somehow fallen grade levels behind in mathematics and reading fluency and comprehension. This was also a significant contributor to his stress surrounding Year 11 and the leadup to Year 12. The results of Fit’s assessment were alarming to say the least. That his school had not identified it was concerning.
Mandy Mason subsequently intervened and she continues to work with me and the School to develop and implement a remedial program, which she oversees and assesses to measurably address the deficiencies in these vital areas, including time-management, improving attention and work allocation.

The Homework Group has been an invaluable resource for my son in so many ways beyond organisational skills. His participation also identified serious problems that could have significantly impacted him if Fit Learning had not identified and addressed them. They have done so with care, compassion and a true desire to benefit him on so many levels.

I am extremely impressed by the programs at Fit, and by the dedication and capability of Mandy Mason and the calibre and character of her Learning Coaches.

Perth Parent

“Fit Learning has changed the way my 7-year-old daughter learns, communicates and listens to me and can concentrate and pay attention even in very noisy and distracting environments.  She is the most highly attentive child where ever I take her.  As a result, she can learn concepts like I never imagined she could.  Her developmental paediatrician cannot believe how her learning has been transformed and as a result, she is a delightful, social and extremely happy girl."

Donna Lopez, Mosman Park