Fit Learning® FOR PARENTS

Fit Learning™ FOR PARENTS

Program Focus

What is in this program

Fit Learning™ Parent Coaching is a model incorporating Behavioural Science to identify, target and strengthen behavioural skills outside of Fit Learning™ centres. There are 2 tiers of the program, the Introductory program (10 hours) and the Comprehensive Program (20+ hours).

The Introductory Program targets an introduction to behaviour management and developing programs to improve home homework completion and to promote independence, including attending Fit Learning™ sessions to assist transitioning skills to the home environment.

The Comprehensive Program is designed for parents facing significant behavioural barriers at home and incorporates intensive theoretical training along with a home observation and working with parents to build a behaviour plan to address behavioural barriers. Parents wishing to undertake the Comprehensive Program initially attend a 1-hour consultation to access and determine the program.

Who is Ideal for this Program

  1. Parents that are looking to promote confident, resilient and agile children.
  2. Parents who are challenged by children’s homework completion
  3. Parents who are facing behavioural challenges with their children
  4. Parents who wish to become powerful teachers for their children and to be more involved in supporting children’s academic learning.

Learning outcomes & Expectations

  1. Powerful relationships with children
  2. Improved endurance and resilience in children
  3. Children who are motivated to study and self-manage schedules
  4. Children who accept feedback and coaching by parents

Our Learning Coaches:

Mandy Mason

Danh Nguyen

Daniel Huntington