Fit Learning

Fit Learning™ FIT MATH

Fit Learning™ FIT MATH

Program Focus

What is in this program

Fit Math teaches fluency in mathematical concepts, including numeration, computation, fractions and decimals, ratios and percentages, algebra, and problems solving.

Student Focus

Ideal for students:

  1. from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12
  2. who struggle with mathematical or numerical concepts
  3. who lag behind their peers in maths assessments

Outcome Focus

Fit Math aims to produce learners who are able to solve maths problems quickly and accurately. By strengthening component skills, in areas such as multiplication and division, Fit Math provides a strong base of knowledge to facilitate students’ ability to learn more complex mathematical concepts.

Our Learning Coaches:

Mandy Mason

Danh Nguyen

Our Learning Coaches have extensive training in the principles of learning science and the unique application of these principles that are the hallmark of our instructional approach. Each Learning Coach is individually trained by me, along with other Senior Learning Coaches, until they reach an established level of proficiency in the implementation of the Fit Learning Method of instruction. The same methods that are used to transform the learning abilities of our students are also used in the training of our Learning Coaches. As a result, our Coaches achieve exemplary instructional skills, which empower them to create the dynamic, exciting, and rewarding learning experiences that fundamentally transform our students’ academic aptitudes and overall cognitive abilities.

Parent Reviews

"Fit Learning has changed the way my 7-year-old daughter learns, communicates and listens to me and can concentrate and pay attention even in very noisy and distracting environments.  She is the most highly attentive child where ever I take her.  As a result, she can learn concepts like I never imagined she could. 

Her developmental paediatrician cannot believe how her learning has been transformed and as a result, she is a delightful, social and extremely happy girl."

Donna Lopez, Mosman Park