Lift Your Child’s Naplan Score with Our 40 Hour Transformational Learning Program

Enquire About Our Transformational Learning Program For Your Child

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Enquire About Our Transformational Learning Program For Your Child

I am not a robot

What is NAPLAN?

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy

(NAPLAN) is an annual assessment for students to assess reading, writing, spelling and numeracy.

Students take the NAPLAN every 2 years from years 3 to 9, and the assessment gives a snapshot of your child’s learning, which can be heavily impacted by their performance on the day. Very often a child’s stress around sitting the test can impact the results. Nor does it give you a picture of their learning over time, as opposed to regular assessments that show improvement and whether teaching is effective.

The greatest problem for you as parents with the NAPLAN is that it gives one overall score per learning area, and does not tell you what your child is doing well or struggling in. For instance in the reading

assessment alone, there are hundreds of component skills that children need to do well, that are contained within reading fluency, to reading comprehension, grammar and language. The result gives you no indicators of what your child needs assistance with.

NAPLAN measures fragments of the school curriculum and doesn’t tell you what your child should be focussing on. Testing a small area of the curriculum in a 40 question test does not indicate your child’s learning across the curriculum.

A Fit Learning Comprehensive Skills Assessment will determine exactly what skills your child is missing and what needs to be taught, as well as whether they have any barriers to learning that need to be addressed so they can be attentive and successful at school and beyond.

What can you do as Parents?

1. Speak to our clinical director to find out about how we can help?

2. Book in for a Fit Comprehensive Skills Assessment that will identify where your child has a gap in their learning and to tell you what to do next.

3. Observe one of our session’s at either our Cottesloe or Claremont learning centres to understand why our program makes profound differences in a child’s learning.