Is Your Child Struggling in a Traditional School Setting?

Children are unique; physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. No two children learn in the same way or have the same experience at school. At Fit Learning we see some children thriving in a traditional school setting, but often they are significantly underperforming or resistant to go to school. Some children are having high rates of school absence due to anxiety, bullying or as they are falling behind. These children are ideal candidates for an enrolment in Fit Home School.

At Fit Learning we use a 25 year researched instructional approach which is proven to train your child to fluency in core areas of reading, mathematics, and advanced language. A home school enrolment will look different for every student as we individually cater the program to the child, taking into account their skills, their age, year level and any barriers that may be restricting them from reaching their full potential.

Mandy Mason, our Clinical Director, along with our Case Managers, work tirelessly to liaise with parents, schools and the Education Department to ensure that each child in Fit Home School reaches their full potential as well as meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Children attend Fit Home School for between 2 and 6 hours a day, depending on the level of support needed, and generally for a full school year, after which time we work to transition children successfully back into a school environment.

Parent Experience

“Our son attended Fit Home School for 12 months after becoming unable to attend regular school due to anxiety issues. Mandy and her team were instrumental in turning around his behaviour patterns, actively coaching him and eventually assisting us to find a suitable school for him to return to. During his period attending Fit Home School fulltime, our son was coached on a one to one basis to improve his academic capabilities and ensure he was academically prepared for his return to school. Mandy then went way beyond in liaising with the school and advocating for our son in a very pro-active way. We sincerely believe that without the input from Mandy and her team our son would not have progressed to where he is now, once again able to attend regular school with regained confidence.”