The Method

Fit Learning is an affiliate of Fit Learning of New York (see
The Fit Learning Method isolates core reading, comprehension, math, writing, and thinking skills, and trains students to fluency – rapid processing speed and a measure of true mastery or proficiency.
Moving your child to fluency in these critical targets results in improved memory, heightened confidence, increased resistance to distractions and fatigue, and the ability to quickly and effortlessly learn new things.
Our method is a unique combination of applied behaviour analysis, precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement and relational frame theory.

The lack of a proven method (backed by science) is why a lot of students fail to see real and measurable results when working with stock standard tutoring agencies – conversely it (the Fit Learning Method) is the reason Fit Learning students see such rapid and lasting results.

Utilising an evidence based approach, our results with children who struggle with delayed learning, dyslexia or any other learning difficulty are incomparable.

Fit Learning is the only program in Perth, and Australia that combines all of these methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach.

The result?

A profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1 to 2 years growth in 40-50 hours of instruction.