Fit Learning Melville Gift

Come and check out our marquee at the Fit Learning Melville Gift, and enter our raffle for the chance to win a comprehensive assessment, which assesses students in areas of reading, mathematics, and language. This event traditionally attracts a crowd of around 800+ spectators.

The link between education and athletics may seem to some as obscure. However, many of the behavioural principles, and approaches to cognitive training that are beneficial in elite athletes, are applied through the Fit Learning method. Just as leg drive, stride frequency, arm speed, and power out of the blocks are core skills of sprinting; Fit Learning trains the component skills of reading, reading comprehension, maths, expressing writing, and problem solving to fluency. Fit Learning sessions closely resemble a sport. Fast-paced, goal-oriented, high-energy instructional interactions with a Fit Learning Coach create transformative outcomes, and ‘Cognitive Fitness’. This type of training results in improved memory, heightened confidence, resistance to distractions and fatigue, and the ability to learn at a faster rate.

The 2019 Melville Gift is handicapped, putting all runners on an even playing field. Similar to this, through Fit Learning’s comprehensive assessment, core skills can be identified as falling below our recommended level, and our highly trained coaches are able to set goals in order to build fluency in the necessary areas. Comparatively, the school environment teaches at a grade level defined by age, and does not cater for individual differences.

Imagine your child competing against others who are three year levels older than them. In a single classroom, it is likely you will see students whose abilities vary across many ‘grade levels’. This is something we see every day at Fit Learning. When students fall behind in key areas, they struggle to catch up. Students with a long history of failure face reduced confidence, and are often easily distractible. One thing we do best at Fit Learning is target key foundational areas, identify areas the student needs improvement in, and train these areas to fluency, so they can be ‘competing’ against others on an even playing field once more.

Details for the upcoming 2019 Melville Gift:
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm.
Venue: Len Shearer Reserve. 521 Marmion Street, Booragoon.

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Fit learning Melvile Gift