Fit Learning Comprehensive Skills Assessment

The Fit Comprehensive Skills Assessment assesses across 3 subdomains of reading, mathematics and relational language. The assessment identifies your child’s current level of fluency on a range of essential component skills. These core component skills have been determined through years of research and testing to be critical predictors of long-term academic success. For example, the ability to fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide are prerequisite skills to the understanding of more advanced math concepts such as fractions and decimals. 

Each skill within the assessment is evaluated in terms of accuracy and fluency of responding. The accuracy criterion measures the percentage of correct responses made from the total number of responses for each skill. The fluency criterion is our measure of Cognitive Fitness and reflects both accuracy and speed. The accuracy criterion, or percent correct, reflects the standard for academic proficiency generally accepted by schools. Schools generally consider 80% to be a high level of achievement. However at Fit Learning, making 20% errors indicates a lack of fluency in the targeted skill.

The fluency criterion reflects the standard for proficiency adopted by Fit Learning to determine mastery. Many published clinical and research findings support the notion that fluency is the most appropriate measure of academic proficiency and mastery. It has been repeatedly shown that students who attain fluency in basic skill areas, rather than only accuracy, are better able to remember what they have learned, resist distractions and fatigue, and readily apply acquired skills to the learning of new, more complex skills. 

Additionally, the Fit Comprehensive Skills Assessment includes CBM measures (see our CBM blog) to rank a child’s performance on key measures against all other students at their grade level. This enables us to predict how a student is performing compared to their peers. 

To ensure a parent is informed comprehensively about a child’s learning, the assessment takes place across approximately 4-6 hours, spread across 2-3 sessions. Parents then attend a review meeting with our Clinical Director, where parents receive the results of the assessment; presented in tabular and graph form, a comprehensive report, as well as a thorough discussion with the Clinical Director, in which she outlines any behaviour barriers that are hindering a child’s academic success ie. inattentiveness, a lack of motivation, resistance to instruction and a lack of confidence for example.

Recommendations on the enrolment type that is ideal to assist your child will then be made. Recommendations depend on several factors identified in the assessment, such as rate of errors, fluency of component skills, missing component skills, behavioural barriers and work endurance. The Fit Learning Instructional Method™ consistently produces at least 1 year’s growth in 40 hours of instruction in reading, reading comprehension and maths. The CBM measures will identify how your child is performing against their cohort, and therefore allows us to predict how many hours of instruction would be required to meet or exceed their current grade level. 

When children are struggling at school, there are 2 important factors to assess. Firstly the skill level (to determine deficits) but then issues that have resulted in children struggling in the first place, such as avoidant behaviours resulting from an aversive teaching environment or boredom.  The assessment provides parents with great clarity as to a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it provides the coaches at Fit Learning with the direction necessary to develop a curriculum tailored to the child’s academic requirements upon their enrollment. 

Students enrolled at Fit Learning are reassessed every 40 hours or each term for home-school enrolments. The data is presented to parents to demonstrate progress. 

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