Who We Work With

Fit Learning works with every type of learner.  The Fit Learning Method of Instruction that we use is designed for EVERY kind of student.  Our adherence to the principles of learning science, a precise progress monitoring system, and a combination of evidence-based instructional approaches enables us to rapidly accelerate the learning abilities of ALL students – regardless of age, ability, challenge, or label.  Throughout Fit Learning’s 10 year history, we have dramatically improved the cognitive skills and academic performances of a vast range of students.  These learners include:

  • K – year 12 students of all abilities
  • Struggling learners
  • Average learners
  • Students with general learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, tourette syndrome, processing disorders, or speech and language delays
  • Gifted and talented students seeking challenges/enrichment
  • Kindergarten students seeking language acceleration and classroom preparation
  • Full time homeschool placement for children not able to attend school, including year 11-12 preparation for university