2020 Fit Learning Melville Gift

In conjunction with Melville Little Athletics Centre, Fit Learning will be sponsoring a track event for the 2020 Fit Learning Melville Gift. Traditionally, this event will attract a crowd of 800+ spectators gathered very close to the action! These events are handicapped giving each competitor an equal chance of winning. Plus, attendees get the chance to register for a discounted Comprehensive Skills Assessment from Fit Learning!

The link between education and athletics may seem to some as obscure. However, many of the behavioural principles, and approaches to cognitive training that are beneficial in elite athletes, are applied through the Fit Learning method. Just as leg drive, stride frequency, arm speed, and power out of the blocks are core skills of sprinting; Fit Learning trains the component skills of reading, reading comprehension, maths, expressing writing, and problem-solving to fluency. Fit Learning sessions closely resemble a sport. Fast-paced, goal-oriented, high-energy instructional interactions with a Fit Learning Coach creates transformative outcomes, and ‘Cognitive Fitness’. This type of training results in improved memory, heightened confidence, resistance to distractions and fatigue, and the ability to learn at a faster rate.

For more information on the 2020 Fit Learning Melville Gift visit http://westcoastathletics.org.au/ http://melvilleroar.com/

Details for the upcoming 2020 Melville Gift:
Date: 18th January 5:30pm – 8:00pm.
Venue: Len Shearer Reserve. 521 Marmion Street, Booragoon.